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Holy Crêpe! The hottest pancakes are right here

When it comes to pancakes, everyday is Pancake Day in South Bank! Here are the hottest hotcakes money can buy…

Banana Praline Crêpes from Max Brenner
Pictured above, these piping hot crêpes are filled with hazelnut praline and sliced banana. After all, one must maintain healthy potassium levels!

Pancake Stacks from Steam Cafe
The good folk at Steam understand that sometimes pancake cravings kick in at the strangest of hours. That’s why their pancake stacks are available ALL DAY. Top yours with berry compote and yoghurt.

Hotcakes from The Charming Squire
If you like taking pretty pictures of food, this is the pancake stack of your dreams. The combination of honeycomb, mascarpone, passionfruit curd, brulee banana and almonds will send your heart – and Instagram likes – soaring. Need photographic proof? Check out our Insta.

Canadian Pancakes from Cucina by Toscani’s
Part of us will always feel indebted to Canada. Firstly, because maple syrup is 100% dope. Secondly, because PANCAKES + MAPLE SYRUP + BACON = HEAVEN. Cucina adds cinnamon butter and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream to the equation. Thank you, Canada. We love you, your syrup… and your Prime Minister.

Are you a serious sweet tooth? Check each of these ten desserts off your bucket list… 

Take me to Max Brenner and Steam Cafe and and The Charming Squire and Papa Rossi Ristorante

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