The Charming Squire - 2018-05 Mother's Day - Crepes Special

Pancake Day is Coming to South Bank

Need an excuse to eat pancakes? We have one, it’s called Pancake Day!

It’s the day when we throw all the good things we need to give up for Lent, mix them into a bowl, plop them into a pan, and bam, pancakes are born.

Not up to the cooking task, but still want pancakes in all their delicious glory? The Charming Squire have you covered!

Indulge in their Strawberry and Nutella Pancake Special, featuring a rum infused pancake with strawberries, Nutella couer la creme, salted caramel ice cream and macadamia… we’re not drooling, you are!

Hurry! This is only available in the Brewer’s Pantry until 11am from 5 – 10 March.

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