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On The Run? You Must Try These Takeout’s

We meet again, the always unexpected last-minute lunch sprint! Whether it’s a mammoth day of Christmas shopping or a mad dash between meetings, the oh-so-dreaded tummy rumbles will hit you when it’s least convenient. Here are 10 places you can get a quick fix and filling lunch at South Bank, before getting back to it.

1. A Boost Juice smoothie goes a long way, especially when it’s packed with muesli, yoghurt and banana. The Brekkie To GoGo is bursting with the good stuff, giving you the sustenance you need to get through the day.

2. If you haven’t heard about Burger Urge’s takeaway dirty fries, you’re in for a treat! This bacon, cheese, shallots and fries filled meal will keep you so full, you’ll roll out of your next meeting!

3. A ham and cheese croissant from Lost Bean never goes out of style. Pick this one up on-the-go with a coffee for a late lunch boost that will make all of your mates envious!

4. Main Street Market is the master of doughnuts, so why not make a lunch of it? Pair your doughnut of choice with a coffee frappe, to give you the kick you really need.

5. Fast, easy and delicious, Nando’s will not disappoint! Their classic wrap is no exception to this, and will keep you feeling so fresh that the mad dash from lunch won’t seem like such a burden.

6. Nonna’s Deli serve up freshly made Paninis every day, the perfect quick lunch solution. Our top pick? The Classic, jam-packed with prosciutto, mozzarella and fresh tomato!

7. Paper Fish know on-the-go fish and chips better than anyone! Munch down on their daily selection of fresh fish and chips, ready in a jiffy!

8. You had us at Italian, Popolo! Choose from one of four takeaway pizza options (did someone say margherita?!) for a quick-fix that’ll feed the whole crew, too!

9. Suki know speedy (and healthy) eats like no other! Whether it’s a Poke Roll or Poke Bowl that tickles your fancy, these bad-boys are made fresh-to-order in front of you, STAT.

10. Zeus… need we say more? Zeus’ menu is packed with options that have a swift-fix in mind. Our favourite? Definitely their range of pitas complete with hot chips!

Take me to Boost and Burger Urge and Lost Bean and Main Street Market and Nando’s and Nonna’s Deli and Paper Fish and Popolo and Suki and Zeus

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