Nitrogenie Launches Nitropopcorn

In an Australian first, Nitrogenie has launched an incredible new taste sensation: Nitropopcorn!

Nitropopcorn is an air-popped popcorn frozen using the magic of Nitrogenie’s liquid nitrogen, then flavoured with their chef-made sprinkles and sauces – to create a dramatic taste effect.

The freezing process gives an extra crunch factor to the popcorn before releasing a cool cloud of vapour into your mouth.

Tried and tested in Nitrogenie’s kitchen for months, Nitropopcorn is best described as “like eating crunchy, frozen air”, and the effect produces lots of smiles and laughs as you eat.

Nitropopcorn is available from Friday, February 6 in Cinnamon Sugar, Salted Caramel, and Chocolate Sauce flavours and at just $2 a cup, it’s delicious and a lot of fun.

Want to see the full Nitropopcorn effect?  Watch the magic of Nitropopcorn.

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