Doughnut Time

New Year’s Resolutions, Sorted!

The seemingly endless Christmas feast has come to an end, and you’ve had an amazing New Year’s celebration… Cue the Bridget Jones attempt to transform our lives with a set of totally (un)achievable goals fixed to our vision boards.

If you’re anything like us, you’re ready to put down the Chrissie pudding and (actually) stick to your health-kick resolution. Luckily for you, we’ve pulled together a list of 10 South Bank eats to keep your diet from derailing. Happy healthy eating!

1. There’s no real way to go wrong at Coco Bliss, but the Health Kick Acai Bowl is seriously good for you, featuring acai, watermelon, mango, spinach and fresh citrus. #newyearnewme

2. Boost Juice smoothies make cutting milkshakes out a breeze! Their Pure Eden is deceitfully delicious with lemon, coconut water, grapes, pineapple and all the greens.

3. With scrambled eggs, rocket, pesto, slow roasted tomato and wholegrain toast, Denim Co.’s Green Eggs has all of the flavour and none of that pesky grease.

4. Dot Espresso’s Balsamic Roast Veg Wrap with capsicum, sweet potato, zucchini and tomato probably has your daily dose of veg in one bite.

5. Offering quick and healthy takeaway lunches, Nu Healthy Café’s Lamb Salad with Mediterranean lamb, cucumber, baby spinach, beetroot and hummus is the perfect grab-and-go.

6. Is there a way to go wrong with a good slaw? We think not. Zeus’ slaw with cabbage, garlic, aioli and crunchy corn = the easiest way to get in your two veg.

7. Can’t imagine a 2019 without doughnuts? Doughnut Time’s vegan Liam Hemsworthy contains a whole lotta guilt-free lurve, because vegan is totally healthy, right?!

8. If you’re scavenging for a greasy fix, skip it for Mucho Mexicano’s Sweet Potato Quesadilla. With sweet potato, spinach, feta and pine nuts, this will become your health-friendly-hit.

9. Cheap AND healthy? Yes please! Fins and Feathers Fish and Salad Wrap is THE fresh start to summer.

10. If a Suki Poke Bowl with katsu chicken, togarashi mayo, broccoli, spinach, corn and carrot doesn’t get your taste buds dancing, we don’t know what will.

Take me to Coco Bliss and Boost and Denim Co. and dot. Espresso and NU Healthy Cafe and Zeus and Doughnut Time and Mucho Mexicano and Fins and Feathers and Suki

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