New Year’s Resolution #2: More time with Mother Nature

Resolve to spend more time outside this year by adding these ideas to your weekly routine.

Early morning
Register to attend a morning meditation on January 27th with the Monks of Tibet. A free yoga session open to all skill levels will follow the meditation.

Grab a freshly squeezed juice and a protein ball from dot.espresso and walk to work.

Ask for a takeaway $10 wrap from Baba Ganouj before heading to the Epicurious Garden. The sunflowers are out at this time of year!

Ask to be seated at a table overlooking the river at one of River Quay’s five riparian restaurants: Stokehouse Q, River Quay Fish, Popolo, Aquitaine Brasserie and The Jetty. River Quay Fish and Popolo also have takeaway options for you to enjoy on the River Quay Green.

Sunday Sessions on the Green is the perfect way to enjoy a balmy summer afternoon. You can also listen to live music outdoors every Saturday arvo thanks to City Sounds South Bank: click here, here, here, and here to see the musicians performing in January.

Take me to River Quay Fish and Stokehouse Q and Popolo and Aquitaine Brasserie and The Jetty and dot. Espresso and Baba Ganouj

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