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10 Must-Try Bites Before Your Summer Detox

As Oprah says, “You get a dessert! You get a burger! Everyone gets what they want!”

Burgers, doughnuts, ice cream and virtually anything you can think of… South Bank truly is a haven of gluttonous foods, ready to be indulged in before you set off on that pre-summer detox! We take the hard work out of your pre-health kick blowout, with our top 10 picks at South Bank.

1. Hop & Pickle’s Chicken Parmigiana Burger with cheese, pickles, slaw and sriracha mayo… How they make burgers taste so good is beyond us!

2. Doughnut Time‘s Life on Mars, featuring a rich chocolate glaze, topped with caramel and Mars pieces! It would be rude to not get a six box, right?!

3. Brooklyn Depot’s Dessert Taco? Yep, that’s a thing! Chow down on crispy tacos with vanilla ice cream, strawberries, chocolate sauce and cream… Oh my!

4. New Zealand Natural’s Banana Split… Need we say more? You won’t regret this classic, filled with your choice of ice cream and the usual banana split goodness.

5. Denim Co’s Waffle Stack is an absolute must, take our word for it! This waffle is loaded with Nutella, fresh strawberry, vanilla ice cream and maple syrup. Delish!

6. Cactus Republic know a good nachos when they make it, especially when it’s their Chocolate Nachos… We suggest you down this treat, STAT.

7. Next Door Bar & Kitchen serve up a mouthwatering Almond Brownie, and boy is it a must-try! This dessert is served with a butterscotch sauce and berry compote… could it get any better?!

8. Max Brenner’s Cookie’s and Cream Pizza, a combination of all the good things in the world. This dessert features cookie crumbs, white choc drops, marshmallow and cream. Yum!

9. Munich Brauhaus’ Chicken Wings, served with blue cheese, dipping sauce, celery and carrot sticks. Step aside fellow cheese lovers, we’re coming through!

10. Main Street Market have a delectable dessert down pat. Our suggestion? The Banoffee Doughnut is a winner, infused with a shot of chocolate fudge!

Take me to Hop & Pickle and Doughnut Time and Brooklyn Depot and New Zealand Natural and Denim Co. and and Brooklyn Slice and Max Brenner and and Main Street Market

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