Mister Paganini’s Millefoglie

This delicious dessert from South Bank newcomer, Mister Paganini, tastes as good as it looks…

130 grams milk
1 shot espresso
1 vanilla bean
2 egg yolks
105 grams sugar
25 grams plain flour
220 grams pure cream
2 sheets butter puff pastry
3 medium yellow peaches
50 grams bittersweet chocolate (plus a few pieces for grating)
For dusting icing sugar

1 Dice the peach into rough 1 cm cubes, and place in a saucepan with 50 grams of the sugar.
2 Put on a low heat and cook gently until most of the water has evaporated and it reaches a jam consistency. Reserve in the fridge.
3 In a different saucepan, place the milk, espresso and scraped vanilla bean. Heat just below boiling point.
4 While the milk mixture is heating, place the egg yolks in a medium bowl and whisk in the remaining 55 grams of sugar, followed by the plain flour.
5 Pour the hot milk mixture over the egg mixture while whisking. Then pour everything back into the saucepan through a fine strainer to remove the vanilla bean.
6 Cook on a medium heat mixing constantly until very thick (about 5 mins). Place in a bowl, cover with plastic and refrigerate until cold.
7 Once cold, whip 170 grams of the pure cream to soft peaks and fold into the coffee mixture very gently. Place in a piping bag and refrigerate.
8 Heat remaining 50 grams of cream in a saucepan just below boiling and pour over the chocolate into a bowl, while whisking. Place in a small piping bag and refrigerate.
9 Cut the puff pastry into 8 rectangles roughly 12cm x 7cm. Bake between 2 trays at 190c for 12-15 minutes (until golden brown)
10 Once the pastry is cool you can assemble. First spread about 3 teaspoons of jam on 4 of the pastry pieces.
11 Then pipe 6 large domes of the coffee cream. Followed by the chocolate mix, and finally the pastry tops.
12 Decorate with icing sugar and grated chocolate.
13 Serve and ENJOY!

Serves 4 people

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Cuisine: Italian

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