Meet your Barista: Nathan from The Charming Squire

Nathan is no novice, having worked in the coffee industry for more than two decades. It’s time to meet your barista.

How did you get into coffee?
I started originally in Toowoomba in 1995. Being a barista has always been something in the heart.

How many coffees do you drink each day?
Ten, give or take. I sample coffee throughout the day to check the grind is okay. I might have half an espresso shot with each sample, but I do that at least 6 or 7 times a day. Plus, I drink about minimum of four actual coffees on top of that!

How old were you when you had your first cup of coffee?
17. I had a latte, which was exciting for 1993.

What makes Australian coffee culture so unique?
We make up our own names for coffee! Flat white, doppio, piccolo, melachino…

Tell me about the coffee beans The Charming Squire uses.
We use coffee beans roasted by Mantle and Moon. The roasting house is based in East Brisbane, so it’s roasted locally. We source our beans from Cuba, Nicaragua and Honduras. We find the beans in these Central American countries to be quite balanced, with a chocolate undertone which is really noticeable when the coffee is served black.


Nathan and three other seasoned South Bank baristas will be showing off their coffee-making prowess in South Bank’s 2016 Flat White Championship. Click here to read more about the competition. Vote for your favourite barista on Instagram.

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