Junk’s Crispy Pork Belly with Green Papaya

Mmmmm… pork belly. Impress your friends and family with this delicious recipe. Serves 4.


Crispy Pork Belly with Green Papaya salad

1/2kg Pork belly skin on boneless

Master Stock

800ml Water

100ml GF soy sauce

100ml Chinese cooking wine

60ml Rock sugar

15ml Ginger sliced

2cloves Peeled garlic

1ea Spring onion

1/2ea Orange

1/2ea Cinnamon

2ea Green cardamom pods

1/2tbs Sichuan pepper corn

1/3tbs Fennel seeds

2ea Black peppercorn

1ea Star anise

10g Brown sugar

To create the master stock place all ingredients together in a large pot and bring to the boil. Set the master stock overnight and strain the following morning.


Yellow Curry Sauce

50g Yellow curry paste

20ml Canola oil

300ml Coconut cream

45g Palm sugar

40g Fish sauce

15ml Fresh lime juice

100ml Water

½ stalks Lemongrass bruised

1ea Kaffir lime leaves

1/2tsp Turmeric powder

To make the yellow curry sauce add oil and combine 1L coconut cream and curry paste to a large pot and cook for 10 minutes. Add kaffir lime, lemongrass and palm sugar and simmer until palm sugar has caramelised. Add remaining ingredients, bring to boil and then simmer for 10 minutes.


Nuoc Mam

90g Caster sugar

150ml Water

150ml White vinegar

75ml Fish sauce

Bring water to the boil and then pour over remaining ingredients. Mix until fully dissolved through.


Dark Palm Caramel

200g Dark palm sugar

1ea Star anise

30ml Fish sauce

15ml Water

20ml Lime juice

1ea Kaffir lime leaves

To create the dark palm caramel place all ingredients in a large pot and simmer until dissolved. Keep overnight and strain the following morning.


Green Papaya Salad

Shredded green papaya

Fine sliced red cabbage

Fine sliced white cabbage

Fine sliced red chili

Toasted cashew nut

Crispy shallots

Fresh mint

Fresh Vietnamese mint

Fresh coriander


To Serve

Pre-prepare the master stock, yellow curry sauce, nuoc mam, dark palm caramel and green papaya salad. Cook the following evening to allow for resting of individual components.

Cook pork belly in master stock for 3hours in 160c oven and press overnight. Cut the pork cubes to 40g size. Following this dust the pork belly in potato starch and deep fry for 4 minutes.

Plate the pork belly and coat with dark palm caramel. Serve with 100ml or yellow curry sauce. Side the dish with a serve of green papaya salad dressed with 50ml of Nuoc Mam. Finish with crispy shallots and serve immediately.

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Cuisine: Asian

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