In Season This Winter

Here’s everything you need to sample this season…

Snack in the Sun at Stoke Bar
Forget the usual Vegemite or smashed avocado on toast – Stokehouse Q’s adjoining Stoke Bar takes this humble snack to the next level. The laid-back bar tops thin bread crisps with sand crab, trout roe, avocado and fresh greens to create a moreish wine complement. Toast has never looked, or tasted, so good.

Bourbon Street Turns up the Heat
A hearty Southern-style feast is ideal in winter. Head to Bourbon Street for its Louisiana-inspired spiced lamb cutlets served with root vegetables and red wine jus.

Embrace Winter at Southbeach Social
It’s hard to find a dish more wintry than Southbeach Social’s Irish lamb shanks, slow braised in Jameson whiskey and served with bacon, onion and colcannon mash.

Ole Serves Up Fiery Spanish Fare
Pedro Ximénez is a delightful after-dinner tipple, but have you ever thought to pair it with your dinner? South Bank’s resident Spaniard Olé takes the idea to the next level with its melt-in-your-mouth Pedro Ximénez-glazed beef cheek, served with chargrilled heirloom carrots and creamy parsnip puree.

Grab A Healthy Bite From Dot. Espresso
When you don’t have time for a roast lunch, wrap it up! dot. espresso’s balsamic roast vegetable, haloumi, relish and spinach wrap will hit the spot if you’re on the go.

Take me to dot. Espresso and Ole and Bourbon Street and South Beach Social and Stokebar Q

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