Ice Cream Lovers, This One’s for You!

We know there’s nothing quite like an ice cream on a hot summer day, so we’ve done the hard work and have rounded up the best ice creams at South Bank, in all its glorious forms. Your job? Make your way through this list STAT.

Stokebar Q
Bring out your inner-child the best way we know how: with an ice cream sandwich in hand! Stokebar Q have created an ice cream sandwich evoking all of them nostalgic feels, made fresh in-house with vanilla bean and mango ice cream. Paired with Stokebar Q’s epic outlook, you’ll never want to leave.

Cold Rock
Think of the ultimate ice cream invention… now quit thinking, and head to Cold Rock where they’ll be able to fulfill all of your ice cream dreams! Whether it’s cookie dough, Oreos or Nerds that get you excited, you can add these (and more!) to your favourite ice cream to create one epic mixture.

New Zealand Natural
New Zealand Natural is like a breath of fresh air; a really, really creamy one. Made in New Zealand and served on South Bank Parklands doorstep, you can indulge in their range of ice creams, frozen yoghurts, sundaes and desserts (a guaranteed crowd pleaser, trust us).

Happy Pops
At Happy Pops, each flavour is perfectly balanced using a variety of all natural, preservative free Australian ingredients including Maleny milk, real vanilla, homemade Belgium chocolate and real fruit. Did we also mention these bad boys are 100% Insta-worthy? We’re sold!

The Jetty
Feeling a little fancy? The Jetty has answered our ice cream prayers with their chocolate brownie! This delicious concoction features a warm chocolate brownie, berry compote and vanilla bean ice cream (the real hero of the dish). Plus, it’s totally gluten free… score!

Brooklyn Depot
What’s better than ice cream? Ice cream served with a freshly baked sweet apple pie, salted caramel sauce and crushed pecans. Thanks to Brooklyn Depot, this delicious combination, the ‘Eat Pie Love,’ can be all yours.

Coco Bliss
Looking for a sweet treat minus the guilt? While we know it isn’t TECHNICALLY ice cream, one of their icy cold acai bowls is just as good as the real thing. Plus, you can add delicious toppings like fresh fruit, peanut butter and coconut yoghurt. Four words: we. want. it. now.

Take me to The Jetty and Brooklyn Depot and New Zealand Natural and Cold Rock Ice Creamery and Happy Pops and Coco Bliss and

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