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How to Support Your Favourite Restaurants, From the Restaurateurs

During this extraordinary time, it can be difficult to know where to begin when it comes to best supporting your favourite restaurants. We reached out to some of your favourite restauranteurs at South Bank to get the low-down on how you can best support them, making it that much easier for us all.


Whether you’re ordering from the comfort of your own home or taking a stroll to your local café (at a safe distance from others, of course), takeaway is the best way to support restaurants and keep them, and their staff on-the-ground. Fara, owner of Denim Co. said,  “every venue is adapting to the situation, with takeaway, UberEats and Bopple being some of the most common,” in regards to delivery options. Chris, owner of Papa Rossi agreed, explaining that orders placed online and through UberEats are a great way to directly support the restaurants, and their staff. Psst: we’ve rounded up all your takeaway options at South Bank here.


There is truly nothing better than the gift of food! And knowing you’re supporting your favourite restaurant at the same time? Yep, we’re officially sold. Buying online gift vouchers is a great way to support restaurants, with the promise that you’ll be back when all the dust settles (they also make an epic gift, too). Currently, Aquitaine is offering 30% off gift cards on purchase amounts over $150 – need we say more? Keep an eye out for Denim Co. too, with Fara the owner revealing they’ll soon launch online gift vouchers. You can find a bunch of other epic takeaway offers here.


Paying it forward is not only a great way to show your support to the front line and those who need it most, but it also plays an important role is keeping restaurants on-the-ground. Chris from Papa Rossi explained his newest initiative, where you can feed the front line by donating online or over the phone. He said, “supporting us can be done by placing takeaway orders, and taking up offers such as those helping the health workers.” You can keep up-to-date with other restaurants initiatives here.

Now is the fun part… choose where you order from with our full list of takeaway options here.

Take me to Denim Co. and Papa Rossi Ristorante and Aquitaine Brasserie

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