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How to Stay Fit and Healthy at South Bank

South Bank’s Medibank Feel Good Program is back, so it’s high time we get that health kick underway (the first half of the year didn’t count, right?)

The Medibank Feel Good Program is a series of free fitness classes made to suit all fitness levels. Think: yoga, pilates, ballroom dancing and aqua to sweat away to. You can view the full program here.

To help you reach your #fitnessgoals and give you a little extra sustenance, we’ve rounded up 10 healthy eats at South Bank.

1. Coco Bliss are our go-to for health inspired, yet oh-so-delicious eats! From fresh juices, raw treats to fruit-filled acai bowls, they’ve got you sorted.

2. Suki specialise in poke bowls that satisfy and sustain the body, especially handy after that big workout. From the base, protein, sauce to fillings, you get to customise the whole lot.

3. Zeus’ mantra is all about healthy, flavoursome meals. Using the freshest Australian produce, they serve up a range of salads, pitas and share plates that are guaranteed to leave you feeling guilt-free.

4. New Zealand Natural whip up the freshest of juices, with combinations like orange and pineapple, apple and pear, and carrot and orange – the perfect refreshment after working up a sweat.

5. Dot Espresso give fitness lovers the gift of caffeine goodness, sweet and savoury treats, wholesome sandwiches and a multitude of fresh juice blends to kickstart your workout.

6. Subway offer up an array of sandwich and salad options, all minus the guilt that comes with your regular fast food. Plus, their cookies are the bomb, and make the perfect post-workout treat.

7. Magical Rice do sushi, and they do it well. They also offer up an assortment of ramen, baos and soba noodles too, the perfect healthy lunch alternative post-workout.

8. Banh Mee Time dish up fresh and authentic Vietnamese food, with their rice paper rolls, pho soup and rice vermicelli bowls being to die for. Pick anything off the menu and you’ll feel good.

9. Boost… need we say more? These guys know a thing or two when it comes to wholesome drinks that are full of the good stuff, and they’ll tackle that post-workout hunger too.

10. Viet De Lites are the perfect spot to grab a refreshing, healthy bowl of rice vermicelli. Plus, all the ingredients are free from artificial colouring and additives, so you know you’re getting the good stuff.

Want to explore more dining options? We got you, click here.

Take me to Coco Bliss and Suki and Zeus and New Zealand Natural and dot. Espresso and Subway and Magical Rice and Banh Mee Time and Boost and Viet De Lites

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