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How to Make Your Next Catch-Up Epic

With restrictions gradually easing, meeting up with those closest to you (in small numbers, of course!) can leave you wondering how to turn it up a notch; because let’s be real, sometimes those home-baked goods didn’t quite turn out as planned…

Never fear, because we’ve got you covered with takeaway options that will take it to the next level.

For breakfast…

1. Nonna’s Deli is the Italian grandmother you never had, but always wanted! Get your hands on their wholesome breakfast options and delicious coffee, best enjoyed with good company. Pick up and UberEats available.

2. Lost Bean is a breakfast institution, serving up especially tasty avo on toast and iced lattes. Whether it’s breakfast on the balcony or a picnic in the Parklands, you and the crew are guaranteed to enjoy this. Pick up available.

3. Shysh serve up delectable Lebanese fare, worthy of a celebration. The real winner? Their baked treats! And what better excuse to scoff them down than with your nearest and dearest? Pick up available.

For lunch…

1. Papa Rossi is your one-stop Italian shop. Takeaway a delicious assortment of pizza and pasta for the ultimate picnic with the gang. Pick up and UberEats available.

2. Zeus are the go-to for pitas, feta fries and basically and delicious Greek cuisine you can imagine. All of this paired with one of their ciders? Now that sounds like a pretty note-worthy afternoon to us. Pick up, UberEats and Deliveroo available.

3. Hop & Pickle will have you thinking you’re really at the pub with your mates, with a drink and food selection fit for any gastronomy aficionado. Now that’s what we’re talking about. Pick up, Uptoasted and UberEats available.

For dinner…

1. Barbossa Bar & Bottle Shop is the master of both food and booze, so it only makes sense they get a mention. From their very own aged rum to Caribbean inspired fare, you’re in for one memorable iso gathering at home. Pick up and UberEats available.

2. Viet De Lites is so delicious, you’ll be going back long after your first try. Grab an assortment of Vietnamese-inspired eats and a bottle of wine, set up the projector at home and you’ll thank yourself later. Pick up, UberEats and Deliveroo available.

3. Ole’s irresistible Spanish bites await you with everything from an epic paella to mouth-watering croquetas, and these are best enjoyed with friends to make the most of your culinary journey to Spain. Pick up and Deliveroo available.

For dessert…

1. Doughnut Time… do we really need to go into further explanation here? The perfect way to surprise your pals after months apart is with a big ol’ stack of doughnuts. Yep, we’re officially sold. Pick up, UberEats and Deliveroo available.

2. Denim Co. have a mouth-watering selection of cakes, waffles, cookies and basically any sweet you can think of. Plus, they look so pretty, they make the perfect ‘gram worthy spread with your friends. Pick up, Bopple and UberEats available.

3. Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers’ Italian desserts are damn delicious, and nothing says celebrating seeing the squad in true style quite like stuffing your face with cannoli and tiramisu. Pick up, UberEats and Deliveroo available.

Psst… there’s a lot more where that came from! Find all of South Bank’s takeaway options here.

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