Harajuku Gyoza Introduce the ‘Jelly Watermelon’

First it was the Raindrop Cake and now Harajuku Gyoza are introducing us to the…Jelly Watermelon!

After the success of their mizu shingen mochi style Raindrop Cake became a cult fave, the peeps at Harajuku have been hard at work in the kitchen developing a follow up dessert to rival the Raindrop cake in popularity.

As much of a visual experience as it is a taste sensation, this Instagram-worthy dessert combines freshly squeezed watermelon juice with setting ingredients to form a delicious slice of melon . It is then presented in the actual watermelon rind and topped with chocolate drops to complete the mind-boggling (and completely #delish) illusion!

Best of all? There’s no guilt because it’s a just a healthy slice of fruit…right?!?

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Cuisine: Asian

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