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Doughnut Time

Guilt-Free South Bank Eats

How is this for a scary fact? SUMMER IS HERE. And if you’re anything like us, giving up delicious eats was too big a sacrifice when working on that summer bod. Now that the sun is in full swing, it’s time to stop with the excuses, ‘cause we’ve found 5 guilt-free eats to keep you feeling fit and fabulous!

1. Get Ready to Crumble at Doughnut Time
So you’ve tried to give up dessert and find the transition harder than expected. The Get Ready to Crumble is one of Doughnut Time’s selection of vegan goodies, and like, vegan is totally healthy, right?! Give your soul the delicious detox that it’s after, without having to give up your sweet tooth.

2. Protein Balls at Boost Juice
While their smoothies and juices are what they’re known for, come lunch time you’ll crave a little more fuel to keep you going! Get on board the protein ball train, whether its apricot, peanut butter or white chocolate that gives ya the feel-good vibes!

3. Original Acai Smoothie at Coco Bliss
Superfood eats are Coco Bliss’ forte, and nothing says working on your fitness like sporting an acai smoothie! The Original Acai Smoothie always hits the on-the-go healthy eats spot, and will keep you riding high until dinnertime.

4. Grilled Salmon at Paper Fish
Their fish is the stuff of legend, with their fresh-to-order grilled salmon no exception. In fact, Paper Fish’s whole range of seafood is damn-straight delicious, and will totally change your idea of a healthy (and tasty) lunch option!

5. Tofu Rice Paper Roll at Viet De Lites
We’ve always loved Viet De Lites for their incredible Asian flavour fusions, and they’re also pro’s at healthy eats at any time of the day. Their Rice Paper Rolls are completely gluten free, and include satisfying ingredients like fried fresh tofu, lettuce, carrot and mint.

Catch us with all our guilt-free treats if you can…

Take me to Coco Bliss and Boost and Paper Fish and Viet De Lites

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