South Bank’s New Kid On The Block

Banh Mee Time has opened in South Bank and they have all of our lunch time essentials taken care of.

For those who are not yet on the Banh Mee bandwagon, this is not your everyday ordinary roll or sandwich…

The Banh Mee is a traditional Vietnamese sandwich that is the perfect fusion of French and Vietnamese that we didn’t know we needed. A soft yet crispy French baguette is filled with your choice of protein, pâté, mayonnaise, crunchy vegetables, herbs and chilli – if you can handle the heat! Full of flavour, the Banh Mee roll is the ultimate street food that is light and moderately healthy.

Also on the menu is a range of popular rice paper rolls, pho and rice noodle bowls.

They might be the new kid on the block, but they are the masters at creating mouth-watering dishes that you’ll be ordering for lunch and dinner at any chance you get.

Serving up some of the freshest and tastiest dishes, Banh Mee Time is the perfect stop for fast, fresh and authentic Vietnamese, even when you’re on the run!

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Cuisine: Vietnamese

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