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Five of the Best ‘Grab and Go’ Breakfasts

It’s the perpetual struggle. Alarm sounds. You hit snooze and begin the daily bargaining with yourself.  Ten more minutes of sleep and you’ll ditch your morning coffee.  Five more minutes of sleep and you’ll forget about doing your hair.  Until it gets to the same decision: shower or breakfast?  You only have time for one and usually it’s the breakfast that gets shelved in favour of, you know, basic hygiene.

Well, we’re here to let you know that you don’t have to forgo the most important meal of the day.  Pick up one of these bad boys and enjoy your brekkie on the go… 

If you want to Instagram your brekkie…
Trust Denim Co. to make our ‘on the go’ breakfast gram-worthy! Their house-made fig and hazelnut bread will give you the energy you need for a day of success!

If you have a thing for eggs… 
Tuck into a Lebanese Omelette with your choice of lamb mince, soujouk or sausage served with fresh Saj bread at Baba Ganouj. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Saj is freshly baked Lebanese bread and it is TASTY…

If you prefer a healthy start to the day… 
Nu Healthy Cafe have a range of delicious and healthy food and smoothies. Why not choose something for each hand? Venture into the day with a bowl of oats in one hand and super smoothie in the other.

If you are an avocado toast advocate… 
Order the cult classic avo on toast from Espresso Garage, which is served with toasted Turkish bread and tomato relish.

If you like liquid breakfasts…
Keep your fluids up with a juice or smoothie made fresh before your eyes at Dot.espresso

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