South Bank’s 2016 Flat White Championship

South Bank’s 2016 Flat White Championship has officially begun! Four of our seasoned South Bank baristas will be showing off their coffee-making prowess from Monday 5 December to Thursday 8 December. 

The competition reflects what the modern coffee drinker demands: a good coffee, made quickly and accurately. With this aim in mind, we asked each of the four contenders to make us a flat white as quickly as possible, complete with coffee art of their choice. 

The best part? You decide who wins! At 5:30pm each night, our Instagram will reveal a photo of a lovingly made flat white. Vote for your favourite by liking the photo of the coffee you are most impressed by.

There is one question on everyone’s lips (literally): who will be crowned the 2016 Flat White Champion Barista?

Will it be Joe from Denim Co., whose career has changed from mending hearts as a nurse to perfectly executing hearts of the foamy, milky variety?

Anastasia from Espresso Garage has a sunny persona but do not be deceived: she wears ripped-up Pink Floyd tshirts, drinks doppio like it’s nobody’s business and puts coffee snobs to shame with her long list of local boutique coffee roasters.

That said, The Charming Squire’s Nathan is no novice, having worked in the coffee industry for more than two decades. Perhaps his veteran knowledge will prove invaluable…

Jin from MySweetopia was just 15 years old when he slammed his first cup of coffee. Ever since, he has been training for The 2016 Flat White Championship of South Bank by travelling the world, observing the differences between baristas and blends.

South Bank’s 2016 Flat White Champion Barista will be announced next week… follow us to hear who our inaugural winner will be!

Take me to Espresso Garage and MySweetopia and The Charming Squire and Denim Co.

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