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Feeling Spicy? Try These 10 Eats at South Bank

Spicy food lovers, do we have something for you! If you’re not afraid to break a sweat, we’ve rounded up South Bank’s spiciest foods to celebrate National Hot and Spicy Food Day on January 16.

1. Spicy Chicken Skewer at Stokebar Q
If a bite-sized skewer of juicy chicken goodness is right up your alley, then this one’s for you. Think: a delicious chicken skewer, marinated in mouth-watering, spicy chilli. Sold.
Heat rating: 3/5

2. Spicy Pork Chorizo Quesadilla at Mucho Mexicano
What’s better than your regular quesadilla? A spicy pork chorizo infused quesadilla, with black beans and salsa fresca, of course. If you haven’t already broken a sweat, we can guarantee you will after this.
Heat rating: 3/5

3. Caribbean Chilli Prawns at Barbossa Bar
Oh, how we love prawns in any variation; but, Caribbean chilli prawns? Now that’s what we’re talking about. Served on a bed of jasmine rice, you’re guaranteed to feel full (and spiced to the max).
Heat rating: 4/5

4. Diablo Wings at Munich Brauhaus
Renowned for their extra-spicy sauce, Munich Brauhaus’ Diablo Chicken Wings will have you salivating in more ways than one. Grab half a kilo with veggie sticks and blue-cheese dip, if you dare.
Heat rating: 5/5

5. Boquerones at Ole
Have you ever tried pickled white anchovies? Now is the time, chilli lovers! Made with chilli and shallots and served with crispy bread, Ole’s Boquerones will leave you sweating with joy (and heat… yes, definitely sweating from heat).
Heat rating: 3/5

6. Flame Grilled Chicken Burger at South Bank Beer Garden
Unassuming to your average burger lover, South Bank Beer Garden’s Flame Grilled Chicken Burger is your average, delectable chicken burger. The difference is in its spicy Sriracha coleslaw, which will leave your entire mouth tingling.
Heat rating: 4/5

7. Chicken Karaage with Wasabi Mayo at Junk
Junk’s Chicken Karaage: delicious. Junk’s wasabi mayonnaise: spicy (and delicious). Paired together? Now that’s one iconic spicy food combination we suggest you try ASAP.
Heat rating: 3/5

8. Piccante Pizza from The Charming Squire
Served from 5pm daily, The Charming Squire’s pizza is a must-try at your post-work catch-ups. If you want to feel the heat, get your hands on the Piccante with spicy chicken, cacciafore, mushroom, mozzarella and chilli.
Heat rating: 4/5

9. Spicy Beef Tacos at Tippler’s Tap
Not only do Tippler’s Tap serve a delicious selection of brews, they also have the ultimate beef taco. Made with spicy beef, salsa, cheese and sour cream at $2 a pop, these are guaranteed to be a winner.
Heat rating: 4/5

10. Spicy Cherry Tomato and Black Olive Gnocchi at Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers
The new kids on the block, Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers, also know a thing or two when it comes to hot and spicy. Try their Spicy Cherry Tomato and Black Olive Gnocchi for a delicious (and spicy) feast, as good as Nonna’s cooking.
Heat rating: 3/5

Take me to and Mucho Mexicano and Barbossa Bar & Bottle Shop and and Ole and South Bank Beer Garden and and The Charming Squire and Tippler’s Tap and Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers

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