HWM eat South Bank Mister Paganini #3
HWM eat South Bank - Flowers of the World, enjoying Parkers Organic Orange Juice
HWM eat South Bank Doughnut Time, outside store
HWM eat South Bank Flowers of the World, Family Friendly Breakfast
HWM eat South Bank Doughnut Time, Doughnuts
HWM eat South Bank Nitrogenie
HWM eat South Bank, kids icecrea Nitrogenie
HWM eat South Bank, Zootopia
HWM eat South Bank, City Cat

Family Friendly Eats According to Kylie from ‘How we Montessori’

When it comes to family friendly activities and eats, South Bank certainly has an abundance of options.  We asked mother of two and Brisbane blogger Kylie from How we Montessori to share her perfect family day out in the precinct…

We LOVE to visit South Bank! It’s such a central, iconic location. It is the perfect place to take children. We love visiting the Queensland Museum and the QAGOMA. South Bank is also a fantastic place to take the kids for a relaxing breakfast, lunch or dinner. Today I wanted to share our favourite, family-friendly places to eat at South Bank.

On Saturday we caught the City Cat across the Brisbane River to South Bank. We take the City Cat whenever we can; it’s so much fun for the kids.

We started with breakfast at Flowers of the World. I chose Flowers of the World because we were going to have a busy day and I wanted the kids to start with a healthy breakfast. Flowers of the World have a wonderful food philosophy of using local growers with sustainable practices, and most of their ingredients are organic.

We had a Savoury Muffin, Fruit Salad, Avocado on Toast, Vegetable Frittata and Organic Muesli. We also had some delicious organic juice. My muesli with organic yoghurt was the best I have ever eaten! Inside there is a gorgeous shop full of greenery, perfect little succulents and a florist. What more could you want?

My kids have been asking to go the Lego Education Centre. Have you been? It is an education store with much more Lego than is available at other (toy) stores. They offer workshops which we must check out during the next school holidays. After visiting the Lego Educational Centre we grabbed some quick Doughnuts and headed to the movies.

I am a huge doughnut fan, we don’t have them often, but when we do we go all out. These doughnuts from Doughnut Time were decadent and amazing. We watched Zootopia at Cineplex, it’s a great place to catch a movie. I purchased the tickets online and they were a bargain!

Every time we go to South Bank we have ice-cream. The boys love New Zealand Natural. We want to try Mister Fitz’s soon. Although our favourite is Nitrogenie. The kids were intrigued as they watched the ice-cream being made with Liquid Nitrogen!! If you haven’t been there you must go and have a look. The lovely staff gave Otis a cute sticker that he put on his shirt.

It’s hard to go to South Bank and not play at the various playgrounds or water park. We spent a good hour just on the slides and swings.

For a very late lunch we went to Mister Paganini. One of the things I love about South Bank is most of the cafes are open all day, you can just wander around and eat when the kids get hungry, there is so much choice! We also love to eat outdoors and South Bank is perfect for that.

Mister Paganini has hands down the best pizza in Brisbane and has a wonderful philosophy of communal eating, where everyone at the table is invited to try a little bit of everything. They have an authentic Italian menu, you will not be disappointed. Have a look at that amazing wood fired pizza oven. Mister Paganini is so relaxed; we could have stayed all day. It’s one of our favourite places to eat. We had the children’s spaghetti bolognese, Gnocchi, Bresaola Salad, and the Margherita and Vegetariana Pizzas.

After a delicious lunch we took a walk through the Bougainvillea Arbour. The boys love to do handstands, somersaults and practice some of their circus skills on the grass. Otis picked up a balloon from a street vendor and we listened to some live music before catching the City Cat home. It was such a satisfying and relaxing day at South Bank.

Take me to Doughnut Time and Mister Fitz’s Finest Ice Cream and New Zealand Natural and Nitrogenie

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