What is Flowstate?

Get excited because South Bank’s aging Arbour View Café precinct has been transformed into Flowstate: a vibrant, temporary open-air pavilion and creative space.

At this stage the interim use precinct will be in place for 18 months-3 years and for the first year will showcase a variety of creative experiences for the general public. Oh, and did we mention the creative program is free?!? #winning

Site specifics are remaining a tightly-guarded secret ahead of the official program launch later this month, however we do know that the new area will comprise three distinctive experiences including a grassy relaxation zone, an immersive digital installation, and a vibrant performance pavilion.

So when can you get in on the action? You’ll be happy to learn that Flowstate will open to the public late January, with the program of free events set to start in earnest in February.

For more deets click here, otherwise watch this space for event updates!

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