The Best Foodies to Follow on Instagram

There is truly nothing better than logging into your Instagram account to find a myriad of decadent, delightful and downright delicious food to greet you. Yes, we may have a slight addiction to double-tapping every pic which features anything remotely edible, but it feels so damn good!

Here are the accounts any foodie worth their weight will want to follow…

This Instagram belongs to Jamie Oliver’s Head Pastry Chef, so you know you’re in for a good time on his account! Think backstage shots of Jamie mag, recipe experimentation and general sugary goodness!

Run by Michelle Masoor, a student in NYC, what started out as a joke between her and a friend has morphed into a beast of an account with over 200,000 followers!  Packed full of the most drool-inducing photos, trawling through this account is guaranteed to leave you licking your screen.

Sprinkles for Breakfast is like one big candy-coated confection, full to the brim of beautifully styled ice-cream, doughnuts and of course, lots and lots of sprinkles! Extra points as it is linked to a blog which shares the recipes of the various sweets so you can make them yourself!

Julies Kitchen is touted as where ‘food and photography fall in love.’ And what an epic love story it is! Curated by Julie Lee, an avid food photographer based in LA, Julie turns the everyday mundane fruit and veg into works of art.

Jamie Oliver’s passion for food is dispalayed through every picture on his Insta. His account gives a backstage glimpse into his crazy world. Think pictures of his epic food-escapades with links to recipes and quite simply just really, really good food.

This one is for all you neat freaks out there who used to line up your sultanas before you ate them as a child. There is something strangely beautiful about a perfect mirror image of the most enticing breakfasts you’re likely to come across.

Of course we couldn’t do this list without including ourselves! Follow if you like seeing really, really delicious food plus like to stay up to date with all the latest openings, offers and general shenanigans in South Bank. Oh, and did we mention we do #FoodieFriday’s? Get on it!

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