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Cult Dishes

Here are the dishes with a BIG following around the precinct.

Stokehouse Q
The Bombe – There’s a reason that Stokehouse keep this baby on the menu season after season! Their take on a Bombe Alaska, this tantalizing dessert features frozen white chocolate parfait, strawberry sorbet and toasted meringue. Fans of this will also be pleased to know that Stokehouse Q will be creating not one but two special editions of The Bombe for an Easter special so watch this space!

The Charming Squire
Bannoffee Pie – Show us someone who doesn’t think The Charming Squire’s Bannoffee Pie is one of the greatest inventions of this century and we’ll show you a liar. A firm favourite here at eatSouthBank, this deconstructed masterpiece features banana, couer a la crème, cinnamon crumble and caramel. We even talked the good folks at TCS into giving us the recipe. Of course, if you’re anything like us, you’ll just sneak up there twice a week on your lunch break to get them to make it for you!

Next Door Kitchen and Bar
Gangster Chicken Wings – Think wings can’t get any better? Think again. Next Door is upping the ante with their appropriately titled ‘Gangster Chicken Wings.’ These bad boys are coated in spices and topped off with a blue cheese sauce and scattering of chili peanuts. Just be warned though, they pack a punch!

Gandhi Kitchen and Laneway
Butter Chicken – Gandhi’s butter chicken is one of the best and deserving of it’s large following. This dish is the perfect blend of chicken cooked in a creamy tomato base with cashew nut paste. Add garlic naan and it’s easy to see why this is so many locals go-to dinner choice in the precinct.

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