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Culinary Trends

Like fashion, trends tend to come and go in the food world as well. Here’s what’s #trending at the moment in the culinary world…

It seems just about everyone has jumped on the clean-eating bandwagon. Whether it’s sugar-free, gluten-free or paleo, these aren’t just passing ‘diets,’ but rather a way of life for the adopters of them. If there was ever a poster-girl for this clean-eating trend, it’s Lola Berry. With a degree in Health Science and a passion for inspiring people to nourish their bodies through food, Lola has quickly become one of Australia’s most recognised faces in the health industry. If you’re a fan of her cookbooks (such as The 20/20 Diet, The Happy Cookbook) or just curious about the health craze, make sure you check her out at Regional Flavours where she will be one of the many celebrity presenters. You can also meet the other presenters here.
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Dude Food
Anddd…in direct competition to #healthspo is the rise of the aptly titled ‘dude food.’ From buttermilk chicken wings, dogs with the lot and hamburgers bigger than most jaws; it’s all about finger lickin’ good comfort food elevated to next-level greatness! With no regard whatsoever for quantity or servings (what’s a portion?), some call it an epic trend, others categorise it more as an obesity catalyst. Whatever your view, one things for sure, it shows no sign of disappearing anytime soon. We just have one bone of contention; we feel the title might be a little misleading because a ‘dudette’ can eat with the best of them!
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Paddock to Plate
It’s all about ‘sustainable’ eating at the moment and nothing is more true to this than the ‘paddock to plate’ ethos which aims to source local and fresh ingredients. Here in South Bank, we have some big ambassadors for the ‘paddock to plate’ ideology, including Deniz Coskun from The Charming Squire and Damien Draper from Zeus. Now if only there was a festival which showcased these local producers…oh wait, it’s called Regional Flavours which handily enough, happens to be in South Bank…

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