For the Coffee Lovers

South Bank is filled with loveable little haunts that will only further your love of all things coffee. Here’s our pick of the best coffee around and where you can pick them up.

Straight Up
Need a morning fix? Good thing dot. Espresso is open from 6am seven days a week so you can pick up your morning brew and a muffin to munch. Follow the cobblestoned road until you hit astroturf and enjoy a sweep of fresh goodies, sandwiches, and juices too. If you’re heading along Grey Street when the caffeine pangs start, duck into the breezeway and be delighted by Espresso Garage, a cute, quirky hole-in-the-wall café that serves up great coffee, smoothies, breakfast, and seemingly endless sweet treats.

Cool Change
If you’re hankering after your coffee fix but can’t fathom drinking the steaming milk, then a cool change may be the ticket you need. Flowers of the World whips up iced mochas in a flash using organic milk made with Prestige Organic Coffee beans. They also have a special little beverage in their Iced Inca Chai Chocolate – also made on organic milk – if you’d like something a little milder. Little Stanley Street’s Denim Co. also puts together an amazing iced latte. Made on Lavazza beans and topped off with lashings of chocolate sauce, it’s a coffee hit that will make your eyes pop in admiration. Plus it comes served in a jar – enough said. For those who love a good cold brew, Cove Bar + Dining stocks Moonshine cold-pressed, which is an utterly delicious blend in the convenience of a bottle. Enjoy it on the run or against River Quay’s idyllic backdrop.

Caffeine with a Twist
Max Brenner does decadence flawlessly, and their Cappuccino Granita is no exception. This quirky drink puts an adventurous twist on your standard cap with shaved ice and syrups mingling with your coffee shot to create an icy, almost sorbet-like cold cappuccino. It’s also served in Max Brenner’s famous Alice Cup, which is oh-so inviting. If you like the idea of dessert in a cup, then you’ll also love Cucina’s Melloccino – a cappuccino served with some sweet marshmallows submerged in the milky froth and garnished with a dash of chocolate powder.

Take me to Papa Rossi Ristorante and dot. Espresso and Espresso Garage and Denim Co. and Flowers of the World and Cove Bar and Dining and Max Brenner and Papa Rossi Ristorante

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