Chip Off the Old Block

Golden, deep-fried, and crispy; fries are the king of sides (and of hangover food). Whether they’re drenched in aioli, sprinkled with herbs, or battered in beer, there’s nothing more satisfying than crunching on these potatoey masterpieces.

Not sure where to get yours? Take some inspiration from these guys.

Whether as a side to a baja fish taco or as a gorge-worthy snack, Tomahawk’s shoestring fries are a moreish morsel you need to sink your teeth into. Always crispy and always delicious, this menu item is never a bad choice.

Ever had a chip butty? Well The Manhattan Line goes one better and makes a chip-dog, AKA The Empire State. Jammed with beef frank, caramelised onions, crispy bacon, and of course, fries, and topped off with ketchup, mustard, and cheddar cheese, this bad boy wraps up your fries in a deliciously messy little meal.

Though not technically potato fries, there’s something to be said about the polenta ‘chips’ that come out of the La Via kitchen. Truffled and served with smoked paprika aioli, the crunch from these little bites followed by the warm, satisfying polenta is more than the average person can bear.

Sweet potato chips have become a movement. Considered the potato’s slightly healthier and more tanned brother, they make a great addition to a meal of slow-cooked pork belly or beef brisket at South Side Diner. And everyone knows how hard it is to cook sweet potato fries juuust right – but South Side knows.

Salty, herb-covered, and served up in a quirky wire basket, Next Door’s Truffle Parmesan Fries have everything: potato and cheese in a golden, crunchy coating. I mean, what else do you need? They’re thin fries, so don’t feel guilty about the cheese, it’s worth it.

Hand-cut chips from Che Asado are that much better because they’re fat and chunky, which means more potato goodness to swallow. Sprinkled with the perfect amount of smoked sea salt and served with the wonder-condiment, aioli, these babies are also gluten-free. Which basically means guilt-free, too.

Take me to Tomahawk Bar and Wizard’s Den and La Via and South Side Diner and Next Door Kitchen and Bar and Che Asado

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