Chester Street’s Twix Cake

When vanilla sheet cake, Twix cheesecake, caramel sauce and potato crisps combine, you get one impressive sweet treat that is certainly a flavour sensation. This Chester Street creation is not for the faint hearted…

Vanilla Sheet cake
400gm Caster sugar
4 Eggs
175gm Vegetable oil
350gm Plain flour
12gm Baking powder
250gm milk
8gm vanilla extract or paste

Preheat oven to 170°
Line two rectangle oven trays with baking paper approx. 26cm x 35cm. Set aside ready for the cake mix.
Using an electric mixer, add eggs and sugar and beat until well combined for 30 seconds. Add oil and beat for a further 30 seconds until completely mixed in.
Sift flour and baking powder directly into egg mixture. Add vanilla. On a low speed, mix until well combined and there are no visible lumps left.
Add milk and mix in on a low speed, scrape the bowl and mix again. The mix will seem quite runny but this is fine.
Divide mixture between the two trays making sure it is even and place into the oven for 12- 14 minutes. Cake will be light golden brown when cooked and spring back when touched. Set aside to cool

Caramel Sauce
100gm water
35gm glucose
360gm caster sugar
300gm thickened cream
90gm unsalted butter – diced into smaller pieces
1 ½ leaves of gelatine
Place water, glucose and sugar in a medium size pot (when cream is added it will bubble up so you need a pot that will allow for this).
Cook over a high heat until sugar becomes a deep golden caramel colour. Be sure to allow it to get the dark colour or you will not have the caramel flavour or colour required.
Remove from the heat and carefully add cream and butter. Stir gently and allow to bubble then return to the heat. Let it come to a rolling boil again and then remove from the heat. Set aside 260gm of the hot caramel in a separate heat proof bowl and store the remaining sauce away in the fridge to cool down. This will be used for building and decorating the cake later.

While the caramel is still hot, put 1 ½ leaves of gelatine into cold water and allow to soften, drain excess water and place into the hot caramel sauce and mix until gelatine has dissolved.
If the sauce is not hot enough to dissolve the gelatine you can sit it over a double boiler or microwave in short bursts until it has completely dissolved.

Twix cheesecake filling
350gm Cream Cheese – room temp
100gm Caster sugar
260gm caramel sauce (with the added gelatine)
680gm Thickened cream
4 bars or 2 x 55gm packets of Twix – Place in the freezer, when frozen smash with a rolling pin or heavy object to crush.

Beat thickened cream until semi stiff peaks are reached and set aside in the fridge.
Place cream cheese and sugar into the mixing bowl and beat until smooth. Add the caramel sauce and mix well until all combined.
Fold whipped cream into the cream cheese base and add crushed twix, set aside. You now have all the components to build your cake.

To assemble you will need:
8-9 inch cake ring or the spring form tin without the base. If your ring is not 4 inches high, line with baking paper to secure top layer of cake when building.
Cooled caramel sauce (without gelatine)
Twix cheesecake filling
Extra crushed Twix or salted caramel crispearls
1 x 90gm packet of salted crisps (we use red rock deli as they are thick and stay crisper for the longer).

Use the ring to cut out 3 disks of cake for your layers. You can cut pieces and patch together the middle layers. As long as you have 2 full disks for the base and top of the cake.
Once you have cut your rings, place the ring on top of 11 – 12 inch cake board or cake plate.
Place one disk of cake into the ring, add 1/3 of the cheesecake mix and press 2nd layer of cake or pieces on top while pressing the cake down it will level out the mixture.
Top with another 1/3 of cheesecake then drizzle 100ml of caramel sauce over mix. Press third layer of cake layer on top and finish with the remaining cheesecake mixture – no caramel.
Cover and place in the fridge and allow to set over night or for a minimum of 6 hours.
Remove ring from cake by releasing with a knife and lifting up.
Drizzle caramel sauce around the edges of the cake and over the top, do not cover the entire top of the cake as it will make the crisps soft. Stick crisps into the top of the cake just before serving and decorate with more crushed Twix bars or salted caramel crispearls.

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