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Budget-friendly bites!

Sick of two minute noodles? Take a peek at these meals that will fill your tummy without breaking the bank! More money, less problems…

Zeus’ menu features their signature pitas with a variety of fillings like haloumi, crab, pork, lamb, beef or chicken with slaw, herbs and a squeeze of lemon! Our pick? Their haloumi-filled “Stavros Stavrou” for $10.50

Burgers, Kebabs and Bites

Fins and Feathers
Treat yo’self to a steak burger, chips and drink for just $10.50! No regrets.

South Bank Kebabs
Nothing cures the pangs of hunger quite like a good kebab, especially when they are stuffed to the seams with all the trimmings. Pick one up at our resident kebab shop!

Burger Urge
For an even $10, grab a Cheezus Beef Burger complete with prime ground Australian beef, pickles, melted American style cheddar, BU special sauce, aioli and salad. Just be careful of lock jaw when it comes to these babies… they stack em’ high!

Café Lagoonas
Café Lagoonas give new meaning to the word ‘value.’ A hot dog and 600mL soft drink will set you back only $7.50.

Pizza and Pasta
A classic pizza with a slice of garlic bread for ten dollars? Hey, Presto!


If you like your seafood, than you can’t go past Steam’s Fishermans Basket. A battered fish fillet, crumbed calamari, prawn cutlets, seafood bites, crumbed scallops, chips, salad and tartare sauce for just $19.99. Be warned though, you might not have to eat again for a week after a serving like this!

Fish and chips AND a soft drink for $10. Yes please!

Asian Food
East Xpress
Traditional Asian Flavours? Check! Speedy Service? Check! Hefty Price tag? Not here! A large meal costs less than $10 and is served up in under 2 minutes. Expect classics like laksa noodle soup or katsu chicken curry – or branch out and try the crumbed chicken with wasabi mayo and garden salad.

Mexican Food
Cactus Republic
We think Cactus Republic might be the Juan. Their burritos are filled with your choice of meat, beans, salsa and lettuce. Served with rice for $12.95.

New Zealand Natural
If flavours like Chocolate Ecstasy and Walnut Butterscotch are up your alley, get yourself to NZ Natural for a scoop… or two…

Get down to our friends at Nitrogenie and watch them make ice cream with dry ice! Their flavours rotate constantly, but we love their Oreo Vanilla Cream, Pavlova Pash, and Salted Caramel Honeycomb Crunch.

The Great Aussie Sweet Company
We didn’t quit sugar. Perk yourself up with a bag of all your favourites from South Bank’s resident lolly shop

Take me to Zeus and Cosmos Cafe and Cafe Lagoonas and South Bank Kebabs and Burger Urge and Brooklyn Slice and Fins and Feathers and Steam Cafe and East Xpress and and New Zealand Natural and Nitrogenie and The Great Aussie Sweet Company and Cold Rock Ice Creamery

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