Cheap Eats- Top 15 Under $15 at South Bank

We all remember when one Ms. Janet Jackson preached ‘The best things in life are free’ in her hit song of the 90’s. And for a while, a lot of people believed her. Well, I’m sorry Ms Jackson*, but we are calling you out! Why? Because food happens to be one of the best things on earth and, unfortunately, it’s not free of charge!

Lucky for you though, here at South Bank, ‘seeking out the ‘cheaper eats’ in life doesn’t have to equal a compromise in taste.

Here’s where to go for the best eats that are BIG on flavour and easy on the wallet:

Hop and Pickle– Check out Hop & Pickle’s Ham hock croquettes with wholegrain aioli. At $10 for this tasty little dish, they are full of flavor without breaking the bank!

Baba Gonouj– For $13.90 you can grab a traditional Lebanese wrap with ALL the trimmings including Kafta, hommos, tabouli and tahini sauce.

Fins and Feathers– If you are in the mood for good old fashioned fish and chips then look no further than Fins and Feathers. Whether it’s a traditional serve of fish and chips or a burger you are after, Fins and Feathers accommodates! Grab yourself a combo deal with a burger and chips for just $10!

Nando’s– You can’t go wrong with Nando’s for a tasty chicken feed. We recommend their Supremo chicken Burger for just $9.95. Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

South Bank Kebabs– Nothing cures the pangs of hunger quite like a good kebab. Pick one up for under $10 at our resident kebab shop!

Che Asado– Che Asado’s new lunchtime special is seriously good (trust us- you’ve never had a hot dog like this before!) Try their Choripan Argentine Hot Dog which has Chorizo, chimichurri, sour cream on a fresh sour dough roll for $12.

Cactus Republic– In the mood for Mexicana? Cactus Republic’s Quesadila’s are sure to hit the spot- you can grab one with your choice of meat and cheese filling for just $9.95.

East Xpress– Traditional Asian Flavours? Check! Speedy Service? Check! Hefty Price tag? Not here! You’ll get a large meal for under $10, that includes a side of rice and generous helping of kimchi or katsu chicken, pork or beef , served up in under 2 minutes.

Presto Pizza and Pasta– Italian has never looked so good- or cheap! Presto offers gourmet pizza and pasta at takeway prices and sells pizza by the slice, all starting from under $10.

The Crepe Café– French flavours don’t have to be costly. You can grab a decadent dessert crepe or signature savoury crepe and have change to spare from a $10 note.

Boost-Okay, so technically it may be more of a ‘cheap drink’ but with all of that goodness and flavour packed into one of their green cups, it practically constitutes a meal. All of their delicious smoothies and juices are under $10.

Burger Urge– This burger joint is a lunchtime staple around here. Their ‘Lamb Fetish’ burger certainly hits the right spot with a combo of feta, beetroot, lettuce, tomato, chutney and whole egg mayo for just $10.95.

Cosmos Café– This is a great one for when you are on the go! Centrally located, they have a great selection of gourmet sandwiches and pies for under $10 a pop!

Ginga – They say the best things happen after 5pm? This is no exception! Get 5 popular dishes at lunch prices after 5:00pm every day at Ginga Japanese Restaurant. You can choose from Chicken Katsu Don, Tempura Udon, Teriyaki Chicken Rice, Chicken Katsu Curry, or Chicken Karaage, priced between $12.90 and $13.90.

Subway– Everyone loves a good sub, even more when it’s value for money! Subway has a range of affordable subs including Ham, Roast Beef, Vegie and Meatball that will still leave you with change to spare from a $10 note.


*We are also sorry for making your daughter cry. But seriously, you have to get over that, cause we’ve apologised a million times!

Take me to Hop & Pickle and Baba Ganouj and Fins and Feathers and Cafe Lagoonas and Nando’s and South Bank Kebabs and Che Asado and and East Xpress and Brooklyn Slice and Boost and Burger Urge and Cosmos Cafe and Ginga Japanese Restaurant and Subway

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