You Need To Know What a Rocket Shake Is!

The good people over at Tapi have just added ‘Rocket Shakes’ to the menu and you most definitely need to know about them. These completely over-the-top sweet concoctions are just w

South Bank Says Bonjour to French Martini

Those in search of a taste of France’s finest will have their prayers answered with all your provincial favourites making an appearance such as Escargots in a butter, garlic and pa

What we’re doing in July!

1. Get some new threads at The Collective Markets New season, new you! Re-vamp your wardrobe and your home at the Collective Markets. Specialising in hand made trinkets, clothing

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And for those who aren’t into sweets can try TAPI’s refreshing matcha bubble tea. Bubble tea is a tea-infused milky or fruit flavored cold drink that is basically a dri

Meet your Barista: Joe from Denim Co.

How did you get into coffee? I was a nurse for 14 years and decided to change my career. I started at Denim Co. as a waiter, developed a love and passion for coffee and ended up be

Winter Drinks Round-Up

Peanut Butter Italian Hot Chocolate, Denim Co. If you need convincing on this one, then we feel sorry for you because you obviously have not discovered the heaven-on-earth that is