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Best Budget Bites

How many times have you spent your hard-earned dollars on a ‘main’ meal that resembles a canapé and has the weight of around three lettuce leaves? Ain’t nobody got the cash for that!

Without further ado, we present to you the Top 10 Meals that are guaranteed to give you more bang for that buck of yours! We’re talking real value-for-money meals that leave you satisfied and have a high ‘Return on Investment’ in both flavour and quantity!

1. Subway
You can’t really go past good old Subway for value. For under the price of a tenner you can score yourself a footlong sub. Ensure you add ALL the salads for ultimate value. Yes, even the pickles!

2. Cosmos Café
Whether it’s a gourmet sandwich or hearty pie, you are guaranteed to get it at a good size for a great price at Cosmos.

3. Presto Pizza and Pasta
Where else can you get a classic pizza with a side of garlic bread for less than a ten dollar note? Yep, our mind pulls a blank as well, you know, apart from Presto!

4. Café Lagoonas
Café Lagoonas ‘meal deals’ give new meaning to the word ‘value.’ $15.50 will get you a massive fish burger a decent serving of chips plus drink of your choice.

5. Nando’s
Nando’s ‘Tear and Share’ will give you one whole flame-grilled chicken with pita breads, an African grain salad, cucumber, capsicum and hummus dip for just $34.95!  And if you were under any preconceived ideas that this is merely a meal, think again! We think the word ‘feast’ aptly sums it up…

6. New Zealand Natural
If you want a dessert that delivers value (and taste!) for money, you really can’t go past one of New Zealand Naturals sundaes! $9.95 for ice-cream upon ice-cream upon fudge sauce upon ice-cream! #Score

7. Fins and Feathers
If you are in the mood for good old fashioned fish and chips then look no further than Fins and Feathers. Grab yourself a combo deal with a large burger and chips for just $10!

8. South Bank Kebabs
Nothing cures the pangs of hunger quite like a good kebab, especially when they are stuffed to the seams with all the trimmings. Pick one up for under $10 at our resident kebab shop!

9. Steam Café
If you like your seafood, than you can’t go past Steam’s Fishermans Basket. $19.99 will get you battered fish fillet, crumbed calamari, prawn cutlets, seafood bites, crumbed scallops all topped with a generous serving of chips, mixed salad and tartare sauce. Be warned though, you might not have to eat again for a week after a serving like this!

10. Burger Urge
For less than the price of that ten dollar note in your hand, get a Spicy Lamb BBQ Burger complete with Hickory Smokes BBQ sauce, American style cheese, jalapenos, lettuce, tomato and whole egg mayo. Just be careful of lock jaw when it comes to these babies.  They stack em’ high!

Take me to Cosmos Cafe and Brooklyn Slice and Cafe Lagoonas and Nando’s and New Zealand Natural and Fins and Feathers and South Bank Kebabs and and Burger Urge

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