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The Manhattan Line

The Best Places to Boycott Valentine’s Day

‘I really love Valentine’s Day,’ said no single person ever. No date for V-Day? No worries! We’ve rounded up the best places to boycott Valentine’s Day this year.

No significant other means you can make room in your life for more important things – like the ice-cream at  Nitrogenie! These flavours are all the sweetness you need in your life, with new ones  getting added by the week! Our pick is the ‘Sticky Date Toffee Fudge’ or the ‘Nutella Cornucopia!’ Plus, go here by your single self and there will be no-one to judge you for wolfing down three of these bad boys in one sitting!

South Bank Beer Garden
What could be better than a cold craft brew and a bucket of chicken wings paired with great sounds in South Bank’s fave beer garden? Nothing – that’s what! So come Feb 14, wrangle up some mates, nab a seat, and settle in for the day. And should you happen to see any smug couples floating around, simply divert your attention to the pristine view of Streets Beach right in front of you!

The Manhattan Line
If you like good music, great hotdogs and bartenders that know their way around a cocktail shaker, then Manhattan is the place for you. This bar is everything you’re looking for in a ‘plus-one,’ but can’t seem to find on the three dating apps you’re subscribed to; effortlessly cool with just the right amount of attitude. Head on down and grab yourself a hotdog with a side of onion rings and be instantly transported to the streets of New York…and far away from V-Day.

Cactus Republic
If it’s hard for you to imagine loving anything, let alone anyone, more than tacos, then head into Cactus Republic this V-Day where they have the love of your life in abundance. With multiple fillings to choose from including fajita steak, chicken crisper and prawns paired with fresh lettuce and salsa, these babies are sure to leave a big smile on that dial!

Stokebar Q
Fact: you don’t need no man when you’ve got Frosé… think it couldn’t get any better than that? Pair your frosé with buttermilk fried chicken and a front-row-seat to Brisbane’s finest city view! What are you waiting for? Get your BFF’s together and enjoy a night of true Stokebar Q hospitality (no lovey-dovey couples included).

Take me to Nitrogenie and South Bank Beer Garden and The Manhattan Line and Cactus Republic

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