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Best Winter Desserts

If there is one thing which can lure us out from under that doona and shed the uggs when the temp plunges, it’s dessert! There is nothing quite like a little sweet indulgence to soothe those Winter blues on an especially cold night. Here are the one’s that are tempting us at the moment…

The Jetty
Enjoy the view of the Brisbane skyline along with a hot gooey Apple tarte tatin. Paired with burnt caramel, roasted pistachio, vanilla bean gelato, this dessert is bound to remind you of your grandmother’s homemade apple pie.

Next Door Kitchen and Bar
These guys bring the goods every season with perfectly matched seasonal fare and this winter is no different. Who would ever say no to a hot French dark chocolate and hazelnut brownie at this time of the year? To top it off, it comes with raspberry sorbet and Nutella soil. Sounds like luxury on a plate doesn’t it?

French Martini
Unfortunately not all of us have French grandmothers who can whip us up warming desserts when the temperature drops…enter French Martini. Their crème brulee is enough to turn anyone into a French convert.  Pair it with a coffee as part of their ‘dessert special’ for just $12.

Mister Paganini
If you’re searching for something a bit different, off the beaten dessert track, look no further. Mister Paganini’s Mele is your best bet. This apple and chestnut cake comes with caramelized milk gelato. Light, fluffy and decadent. You’ll think you’ve floated off to sugary heaven.

Max Brenner
Max Brenner ought to be a synonym to chocolate in the English Thesaurus. Why not spice up date night with their limited edition winter dessert ‘Baked Hot Chocolate’? This baby tastes as good as it looks, and features a rich chocolate fondant in a mug with your choice of a peanut butter or classic milk chocolate gooey centre, served warm and topped high with a mountain of whipped cream and sweet toffee drizzle. Drool.

Bourbon Street
Head over to Bourbon Street for some Louisiana warmth and hospitality. There is no dessert more southern than Beignet Cinnamon Donuts. These bite sized treats are covered in salted caramel sauce, pecan and chocolate chunks. It might even convince you that you’ve left the country.

Take me to The Jetty and Next Door Kitchen and Bar and and Mister Paganini and Max Brenner and Bourbon Street

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