Beer & Coffee – The Perfect Match?

The Charming Squire love their beer. We mean they really, really love it. Which is probably why they are always trying to formulate ways it can be incorporated into every dish, or drink they make. Case in point: Coffee. Wait….what?

That’s right, Manager (and culinary inventor in his spare time), Darren Khan has taken his love of beer and coffee to the next level by marrying them together to produce a concoction truly unique to the Squire.

This is how they do it…
The beer (in this case Jack of Spades Porter) is reduced down over heat until it’s a honey-like consistency. It is then added to a cold drip coffee which is either single origin or a mixed blend, depending on the roast of the day. Darren says that the cold-drip ‘allows for more flavour to come through’ while the Jack of Spades Porter ‘brings the bitterness and flavours to the forefront and really complements the coffee.’

How it all came about…
Darren came up with the idea from his persistent desire to push the boundaries.
“To tie our coffee offering into the beer, we thought about what  we could do that was a bit outside the square and really wanted to come up with something that no one else was doing. We originally came up with the syrups for our cocktails and wanted to create something a bit darker for coffee.”

Talk about a unique serve…
The coffee itself is served in a bottle from the James Squire brewery, which can then be poured over the milk. Darren says “it’s effectively a way to have a beer in the morning really. Although you can enjoy it at all times of the day so it really works across all levels.”

What we can expect in the future…
Always coming up with creative ways of incorporating their signature brews into their various offerings, The Charming Squire now use beer in their batter for fish and chips, in their porter ice-cream to pair with their chocolate fondant and in the form of syrups for their house cocktails. However, Darren’s not stopping there and is currently working on a hops syrup. “It’s all about what you can create, we are constantly trying to push the boundaries.”

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