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10 Easy WFH Lunches

You know that feeling when you’re on your way to work for the first time in weeks, and realise your lunch-packing efforts have been ruined by your forgetfullness?

Just us? Okay, either way, here’s a roundup on where you can get a delicious takeaway lunch at South Bank, if you’re anything like us and forget to pack yours (at least three times a week).

1. Banh Mee Time dish up fresh, authentic Vietnamese food on the daily. With grab-and-go options including Vietnamese baguettes, fresh rice paper rolls, pho soup and rice vermicelli bowls, there’s something for everyone.

2. Papa Rossi Cafe is a delicious extension of Papa Rossi Restaurant and have an epic range of gourmet sandwiches ready on the daily. With choices ranging from fresh sandwiches to salads, you’ll be salivating at first glimpse.

3. SUKI is your healthy lunch alternative, with flavour that packs an absolute punch. Think: delectable warm and cold poke options. Yep, we’re officially sold.

4. Coco Bliss have launched a range of wa bowls, and we can bet there is one for you. Our favourite is the Falafel Bowl, made with mouth-watering falafel, baby spinach, quinoa, avocado, cucumber, bruschetta and beetroot hummus.

5. Brooklyn Depot make an epic salad, and honestly, who would’ve thought?! Their Resolution Salad made with grilled chicken breast, kale, Moroccan spiced polenta chips, avocado and Greek yoghurt is an absolute winner.

6. Zeus’ pitas are one of the first things that come to mind when thinking about lunch. The Classic Tzimmy is delicious, filled to the brim of your choice of chicken, pork or lamb and tzatziki, tomato, onion, parsley and chips.

7. Viet De Lites are rice paper roll aficionados! Choose from chicken, lemongrass beef, prawn or tofu for a mouth-watering, and filling lunch.

8. Papa Rossi is the home of mouth-watering pizza, with options ranging from your classic margherita to a hearty meat-lovers. Caution: after trying, this will likely become your new addiction.

9.River Quay Fish do fish and chips, and they to is well. Whether you’re craving crumbed fish and a side salad, or chips and calamari, there’s an indulgent takeaway lunch waiting for you.

10. South Bank Kebabs serve up tasty, gourmet kebabs with every filling you could ever imagine. So, whether you’re a falafel kind of guy or lamb kind of gal, you’ll love this.

Psst… find all of South Bank’s takeaway options here.

Take me to Banh Mee Time and Nonna’s Deli and Suki and Coco Bliss and Brooklyn Depot and Zeus and Viet De Lites and Papa Rossi Ristorante and River Quay Fish and South Bank Kebabs

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