Tinkerbell Sour
Cherry Cola

Autumn’s must-try cocktails

Traditionally in autumn the weather starts to get cooler. Here in Brisbane, however, we are blessed with delightful mild evenings, which means you don’t have to substitute your cocktail cravings for a warm beverage. We’ve rounded up a list of delicious autumn cocktails so you can sip the flavours of the season from South Bank’s best mixologists …

Bourbon Street’s Tinkerbell Sour 
Get transported to Neverland with one sip of the Tinkerbell Sour. Featuring absinthe, homemade chamomile-infused syrup, lemon and a dash of honey, this cocktail is shaken with egg whites and peach bitters and served on the rocks.

South Side Diner’s Cherry Cola 
While its name might sound innocent, this wicked soda is anything but. You’ll definitely get the flavours you expect from a traditional cherry cola, but this cocktail features Ketel One vodka, tequila, amaretto, cherry brandy and cola.

The Manhattan Line’s Bouteiller
The Manhattan Line’s talented mixologist and bar manager Alissa Gabriel recently won the Australian finals of the Bacardi Legacy Competition, and this baby is her winning entry. Sample the flavours of Bacardi Oro, dry vermouth, felernum, Peychaud’s Bitters and Green Chartreuse.

Olé and Sangria Bar’s Manzanita
Translating to ‘little apple’ in Spanish, Olé and Sangria Bar’s new autumn cocktail is the perfect selection for the drop in temperature. With Kraken spiced rum, apple schnapps, fresh Nudie apple juice, cinnamon and a topping of ginger beer, this tipple will warm you from the inside out.

French Martini’s White Rose
Enlighten your senses with this zesty concoction from the mix masters at French Martini. The White Rose features gin, lime juice, orange juice and egg white – the perfect accompaniment to a breezy autumn afternoon.

Hop & Pickle’s Bourbon Smash 
Warm your belly with this combination of bourbon whiskey and fruity flavours. The Bourbon Smash features Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon, with a refreshing twist of cranberry, lime, raspberry, sugar syrup, mint and bitters.

Take me to The Manhattan Line and Bourbon Street and and Ole and The Sangria Bar and South Side Diner and Hop & Pickle

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