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Around the World With 10 Takeaways

During this extraordinary time, travel can seem like a pretty distant prospect. Fear no more, fellow explorers! The world is at your fingertips at South Bank, with a range of takeaway options that’ll take you around the world in one evening.

Get the (imaginary) suit case ready, because we’re transporting you around the globe with 10 takeaway options at South Bank.

1. Turkey with Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant
A celebration of rich history and vibrant scenery, Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant will transport you straight to Turkey. Whether it’s their meze taking you to the Mediterranean harbour or a fast and fresh pide moving you to Istanbul, Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant will have you exploring all corners of Turkey, right from the comfort of your own home.

2. Japan with Harajuku Gyoza
Nothing screams ancient tradition fused with modern life quite like Japan. Harajuku Gyoza is a true celebration of this, with traditional Japanese Gyoza offerings and epic, new combinations like their Nutella Gyoza. Close your eyes, take a bite and be transported straight to buzzing Tokyo.

3. England with Hop & Pickle
Eccentric and timeless, England is deeply rooted in its traditions. One of our favourite English traditions? Pubs! From delectable roasts to fish and chips, Hop & Pickle have something to take you to all crooks of England’s vast landscape.

4. Vietnam with Banh Mee Time
Vietnam is filled with natural beauty, both colourful and exotic in tradition. Banh Mee Time sings perfectly to the colourful, buzzing streets of Vietnams street food, with authentic Vietnamese baguettes and rice vermicelli at-the-ready.

5. Greece with Zeus
Want to be taken straight to Greece’s blue skies, ancient ruins and balmy coastline? Close your eyes, bite into one of Zeus’ traditional pitas and boom, you’re instantly there! Zeus celebrates all that Greece is, with the same authentic cuisine you’d enjoy in Santorini.

6. Italy with Papa Rossi
Italy is many things, like great architecture, booming vineyards and floating cities. Nothing screams Italy quite like Papa Rossi’s epic range of Italian fare and wines, guaranteed to transport you straight to Tuscany’s vineyards. I mean, can you think of a better date night than this?!

7. USA with Brooklyn Depot
The USA is colourful, inspired and diverse. Take yourself straight to the USA with one of Brooklyn Depot’s hearty, gluttonous burgers and vibrant thick shakes. Trust us, this will feel like the real American-deal.

8. The Caribbean with Barbossa Bar & Bottle Shop
From Caribbean salads that take you to shimmering reefs, to coconut garlic prawns that transport you to sandy beaches, Barbossa Bar is a true Caribbean experience. Put your feet up, put the reggae on and take your taste buds on the ultimate culinary journey.

9. Hawaii with SUKI
Hawaii is synonymous with paradise, which is what it feels like when you take that first bite of poke. Poke came to popularity in Hawaii, and can now be delivered straight to your doorstep by SUKI. Trust us when we say, this is as authentic to the Hawaiian experience as it gets.

10. Lebanon with Shysh
One bite of Shysh’s authentic Lebanese fare will take you straight to Lebanon’s epic traditional landscape. Featuring delectable concoctions like chicken skewers and wraps, one bite you’ll be in Beirut and the next Baalbek.

Psst: you can view all of South Bank’s takeaway options here.

Take me to Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant and Harajuku Gyoza and Hop & Pickle and Banh Mee Time and Zeus and Papa Rossi Ristorante and Brooklyn Depot and Barbossa Bar & Bottle Shop and Suki and Shysh

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