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An Inside Guide: Cucina By Toscani’s

If we were stuck on an island and had to pick one food to eat for the rest of our lives, we’d be pretty happy with Italian. And if that particular Italian cuisine came from Cucina by Toscani’s, we would be ecstatic.

Cucina by Toscani’s is a South Bank staple, gracing fellow Brisbanites with its fresh and flavoursome Italian fare on the daily for years, so it’s a given they know a thing or two when it comes to producing mouth-watering Italian eats.

Located on South Bank’s iconic Little Stanley Street strip, the restaurant boasts cool coastal vibes with crisp wooden floors and oceanic blue tiles. AKA the perfect spot to sip on a Mojito and people-watch. That’s right, we don’t need you anymore Amalfi Coast.

Let’s take you on a culinary journey: start with ciabatta topped with aged balsamic and olive oil, then sink your teeth into their famous fettuccine carbonara, packed bacon, fresh eggs and parmesan cream, and finish with the gluttonous tiramisu, made with  layers of coffee soaked savordi biscuits, rich mascapone and chocolate… Mama Mia!

We can guarantee you have found a new fave.

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Cuisine: Italian

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