doughnut time

The best American food $$$ can buy

God bless America – and God bless American food! Live out the American dream with these classics…

$15 The Donald Trump at Burger Urge
Log out of Twitter and pick up this burger! Juicy pulled beef, crispy maple bacon, thick cut fries, melted cheese, pickles, hickory BBQ sauce, truffle mayo, aioli and tomato… Open today on Stanley Street Plaza from 10:30am.

$8 NYC Hot Dog at The Manhattan Line
Transport yourself to the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple with this big dawg. The NYC keeps it simple with a Challenger Smallgoods beef frank, cheese, onion, ketchup and mustard… why mess with a classic? Open this afternoon on Little Stanley Street until midnight.

$6 Slim Shady Doughnut at Doughnut Time
Mmmmm… doughnuts. This one is a cult classic. Vanilla glaze with mini M&M’s! Homer wholeheartedly approves. Open today on Grey Street from 10am until 10:30pm.

$25 Schooner + 1kg of Wings at Bourbon Street
Supersize me! You’ll certainly feel patriotic after conquering one kilo of wings. Wash it down with a schooner of beer. If you’re STILL HUNGRY after all that, order their bananas foster. Open today on Grey Street from noon.

$8 MAC ‘N’ CHEESE at Brooklyn Depot
Everyone knows of our fondness for cheese. Macaroni, gruyere, mozzarella and parmesan is baked in bechamel sauce and then topped with crispy bacon bits and spring onions. What can we say? Three cheeses is better than one. Open today on Little Stanley Street from 11am until 10:30pm.

Take me to Doughnut Time and Bourbon Street and Burger Urge and The Manhattan Line

Cuisine: American

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