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Adventurous Dishes to Try Around the Precinct

Here at eatSouthBank, we love a good adventure, and you don’t have to venture far in our amazing precinct to find one – of the food variety that is! If you’re feeling like a little walk on the wild side, start ticking these off your list…

Stokehouse Q’s Pig Terrine
If ever there was someone who could tempt us to try pig as we have never tasted it before, it’s Stokehouse Q’s Executive Chef Richard Ousby. Don’t let the pretty plating fool you, this is one seriously adventurous dish! It features pig’s cheek, snout and tongue in a terrine with pineapple seasoned with spices, honey and house-made kombucha, smoked macadamia nuts, kohlrabi, chive oil and sorrel. Truly epitomizing the ‘nose to tail’ philosophy, this dish is a celebration of flavours and textures that will surprise and delight your senses.

Harajuku Gyoza’s Rain Drop Cake
A version of a traditional Japanese dessert ‘Mizu Shingen Mochi,’ the social media phenomenon that is the ‘Raindrop Cake’ has just landed at our very own Harajuku Gyoza! Made from spring water and agar (a vegan substitute for gelatin), the dessert is virtually clear, resembling (surprise, surprise!) a drop of water. The effect is light, almost jelly-like, and surprisingly refreshing as it instantly dissolves on your tongue! Overall though, our favourite attribute of this cake has to be the fact that it is technically water, so that makes it guilt-free right? Go on, you know you want to try it to see what all the fuss is about!

South Bank Beer Garden’s Wings of Insanity
So you like a challenge? Well, do we have one for you…or rather, South Bank Beer Garden does! There new Buffalo wings have just landed and they are looking (and tasting) hot, hot, hot! Marinated in a house made hot sauce containing Carolina Reapers, Ghost peppers and Trinidad scorpion chillies, finishing all six wings will earn you a place on Southbank Beer Garden’s honour board. Try them…if you dare (and probs with a glass of milk on the side!).

Popolo’s Tiramisu
Smells like Tiramisu, tastes like tiramisu but looks like…a flower pot? Huh! Looking like it belongs in your favourite Great Aunt Gertrude’s garden as opposed to sitting on a restaurant table, have your phone at the ready when you order this particular dessert because Popolo’s Tiramisu is the definition of ‘Instagram worthy.’ Featuring the traditional Italian recipe of savoiardi, espresso, Sicilian marsala and zabaglione, this dessert will play one hell of a joke on your senses! It’s almost too pretty to eat…almost!

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Take me to Stokehouse Q and Harajuku Gyoza and Popolo and South Bank Beer Garden

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