8 New Dishes to Try in March

If you are stuck in a food-rut, we have just the list to get you out! Here are our top 8 dishes to try this month around South Bank…

1. Aquitaine’s Deconstructed Crème Brulee
Aquitaine has turned the traditional crème brulee on its head (literally!) with their deconstructed version of the popular dessert. Think vanilla cream gel topped with caramel shards, seasonal fruit and biscotti. And as for the presentation? Let’s just say this one will take your Insta-game to the next level.

2. Junk’s Chicken Satay Bowl
Our new kid on the block is serving up some seriously delicious bites (as if we ever expected anything less of them). If you are yet to check them out, we suggest you head down this month and get your mitts on their Chicken Satay Rice Bowl. Featuring marinated free-range chicken, jasmine rice, satay sauce, spicy tomato and garlic relish with coriander and lime, this is one dish that will leave you wanting more. Did we mention it’s only $15?!

3. Zeus’ Otto Pita
Zeus has just dropped a new menu and it features some mighty fine new pitas. Our pick is their new ‘Otto’ Pita that consists of chicken schnitzel tenderloins, Aegean slaw, preserved lemon mayo, caramelised onions, sweet chilli and coriander. As a bonus tip, we can also highly recommend their new dessert, Baklava Ice Cream Sandwiches. We may or may not have eaten our precise weight in these already…

4. Mister Paganini’s Zucca Pasta
We all know Mister Paganini knows how to do a damn fine pizza, but if you are yet to try their pasta then you are doing yourself a total disservice. Our pick of their new menu is the ‘Zucca’ which features gnocchi tossed with pumpkin, sage, nuts and parmesan.

5. Bourbon Street’s Beignets (Savoury Fritters)
The New Orleans classic does not disappoint at Bourbon Street. With your choice of jalapeno and corn or bacon, onion and capsicum, these babies are dusted in Cajun spices and served on a sweet corn puree. Um, yum.

6. Brooklyn Depot’s Caramel Pecan Chocolate Brownie
By now you have probably tried one of Brooklyn Depot’s famous burgers (we have definitely worked our way down the menu), but we are willing to bet you may have been too full to sample one of their ah-mazing desserts. Set yourself some time to try their freshly baked caramel filled chocolate brownie, topped with ice cream, crushed pecans and a drizzle of salted caramel sauce. This one deserves ‘last meal’ status.

7. Next Door Kitchen and Bar’s Pork Belly
Let’s be honest, we’ve never met a pork belly we didn’t like but Next Door’s is ‘next level’. Featuring confit pork belly, spiced pumpkin puree, black pudding, apple ginger cider gel and scratching, this dish is a must-try.

8. The Charming Squire’s Pappardelle Goat Ragu
We all know our friends at The Charming Squire are masters of the grill but their other dishes are just as tasty. Their Goat Ragu is definitely a winner, slow cooked with wine, tomato, olives, parmesan and basil.

Take me to Junk and Brooklyn Depot and Aquitaine Brasserie and Zeus and Mister Paganini and Bourbon Street and Next Door Kitchen and Bar and The Charming Squire

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