The Manhattan Line

5 Must-Try 4th July Eats

Praise be, fellow grease lovers! We have rounded up five of the best American-inspired foods at The Bank in celebration of all things red, white and blue this Independence Day.

Beef Brisket at Bourbon Street
Bourbon street does American-style beef brisket best. Think: beef slowly braised for hours, served with onion, mash and rich tomato sauce. We don’t know about you, but this sounds too de-freaking-licious to wait for!

Brooklyn Chilli Hotdog at The Manhattan Line
Whether you like your hotdogs plain or with a little extra Independence Day fare, The Manhattan Line is the place to be. Our suggestion? The Brooklyn Chilli Hotdog, filled to the brim with frank, cheese, pickles, beef chilli, ketchup and mustard.

Boston Cheese Burger at Burger Urge
It couldn’t be clearer where this Burger Urge creation is inspired from. Indulge in a white bun packed with beef, cheese, pickles, tomato, lettuce, special sauce, aioli and bacon… it’s good we’re not in public, because we are drooling HARD.

Fried Sour Pickle at Tippler’s Tap
Fried Sour Pickle anyone? We think YES. This bite-sized goodness is a crumbed sour pickle, battered with pepper, spices and crumbed panko. Even better? It’s served with Tippler’s famous jalapeno aioli. We’ll take a basket of these, thanks!

Buffalo Wings at South Bank Beer Garden
It wouldn’t be an authentic 4th July celebration without Buffalo Wings, and South Bank Beer Garden have answered our prayers! These mouth-watering suckers are drenched in buffalo marinade, served with a fresh blue cheese sauce… we’re not drooling, you are!

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Take me to Bourbon Street and The Manhattan Line and Burger Urge and Tippler’s Tap and South Bank Beer Garden

Cuisine: American

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