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15 Dishes You Should’ve Tried at South Bank

Since South Bank is such an iconic location, it’s a given that there’s some pretty iconic food to match, too. Below you’ll find 15 dishes that you must’ve eaten if you’ve visited South Bank, no excuses. Psst: click each restaurant to view their full (delicious!) menus.

1. Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant’s Pides.

2. The Bombe Parfait from Stokehouse Q.

3. Aquitaine’s Duck Liver Pate made fresh in-house.

4. The iconic Pancake Stack at Steam Café.

5. A slice of mouth-watering pizza from Brooklyn Slice.

6. Brooklyn Depot’s Brooklyn Classic Burger.

7. South Bank Beer Garden’s Buffalo Wings.

8. A Classic Pretzel from Munich Brauhaus.

9. The Beef Cheek Barbacoa Tacos from Mucho Mexicano.

10. Bourbon Street’s Southern Chicken Burger.

11. Papa Rossi’s Margherita Pizza.

12. Denim Co.’s Ham and Cheese Jaffle.

13. Any of the doughnuts from Main Street Market.

14. Barbossa Bar’s Dominican Vegan Curry.

15. An Eye Fillet from The Charming Squire.

Explore more delicious eats here.

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