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10 Ways to Spend your Last $10

We all know that feeling… it hits you unexpectedly, usually a few days before pay day or the Monday after a weekend that saw you ‘make it rain’ with your last $200 from the ATM.  It’s that moment when you check your bank balance, have a quick glance at your fridge and mentally calculate how long you can survive off five cherry tomatoes and half a bottle of red wine until your next pay.

To help you out in these ‘emergency’ situations, we have compiled a list of 10 ‘bang-for-your-buck’ ways to make that last $10 feel like a hundy.  Repeat every fortnight as required…

  1. $10 at The Great Aussie Sweet Company goes a long way. Trust us, we’ve done the leg work and it translates into A LOT of clinkers.
  1. Entertain yourself with a box office flick at South Bank Cineplex. Go on a weekday when the (already low) prices are at their lowest and you can also afford to stock up on some popcorn for the price of a tenner! Score!
  1. For our last meal on earth we would have just one request- cheese! So it’s quite fitting that we would want to spend our last ten bucks on Baba Gonouji’s saj (authentic Lebanese flat bread) topped with ‘the trinity’ of cheeses! That’s mozzarella, fetta and halloumi.
  1. You can’t go past one of Presto Pizza and Pasta’s classic pizza with a side of garlic bread and 50c to spare. Sign us up!
  1. The sweetest way to spend that last ten dollars? A good old-fashioned sundae from New Zealand Natural. Our pick is the Banana Split with lashings of chocolate sauce.
  1.  Grab a hotdog with cheese plus a drink at Café Lagoonas for $8 then sit on the grassy hill overlooking Streets Beach and contemplate how you will spend your remaining $2.
  1. Head to Viet De Lites and grab yourself 4 rice paper rolls filled to the brim with lemongrass-marinated beef, lettuce, rice vermicelli, mint,  paired with a serving of fish sauce. Um, yum!
  1. You can’t go wrong spending any money on a burger, let alone your last ten bucks. Do yourself a favour and  a burger and chips combo deal for just $10 from Fins and Feathers!  Sold!
  1. You’re sure to make that tenner stretch at The Collective Markets, whether you’re in the mood for homemade caramel fudge, churros dusted with cinnamon, or would rather spend your moolah on art of some sort – trust us, you will definitely find something here!
  1. Head over to South Side Diner and take advantage of their $5 Shake Tuesdays – grab one for you and one for a friend. Or if you’re anything like us, you can grab a Snickers shake for yourself and a Peanut Butter shake for, ahem….yourself.



Take me to The Great Aussie Sweet Company and Baba Ganouj and Brooklyn Slice and New Zealand Natural and Cafe Lagoonas and Viet De Lites and Fins and Feathers

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