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10 Ways to Spend your Last $10

We meet again, post weekend bank account blues! We all know that feeling… it hits you unexpectedly, usually a few days before pay day or the Monday after a weekend of pre-Christmas celebrations. Cue the mad dash to the fridge, where you mentally calculate how long you can survive off a bag of cheese and half a bottle of OJ until your next pay.

We take the hard work out of thinking for you, by compiling a list of 10 ways you can make that final $10 last a (almost) lifetime. Repeat every Monday this festive season as required.

1. $10 at The Great Aussie Sweet Company goes a long way. Trust us, it translates into A LOT of choccies and sour worms.

2. Who said your last $10 can’t get you a fancy cut of fish? Do your taste buds a favour and treat yourself to the salmon and chips combo for $10 from Paper Fish. Yes please!

3. Head to Viet De Lites and grab 4 beef rice paper rolls for $9.90. These beauties are filled with lemongrass-marinated beef, lettuce, rice vermicelli, carrot and mint. Sold!

4. Haloumi chips from Zeus. Need we say more? These bad boys are only $10, and are a certain crowd pleaser!

5. The Manhattan Line’s hot dogs are the best bang-for-your-buck meal. These hot dogs are filled to the brim with a frank sausage, cheese, onion, ketchup and onion for only $8. Yum!

6. Mamma mia! Who doesn’t love cheap (and delicious) Italian? Get your hands of Mister Paganini’s arancini, filled with mozzarella and prosciutto ragu, tomato and parmigiana for $10.

7. Who said a large tub of dessert doesn’t suffice as lunch? Not us! Get your hands on a large cup of Nitrogenie’s salted caramel popcorn ice cream for only $8.50.

8. The love of cheeky Nando’s is universal, especially when you can score their ‘hot duet’ for $7.95. This masterpiece includes herb and garlic chicken meatballs, and a cheesy garlic mini pita.

9. The new kids on the block Munich Brauhaus have you and your mate covered! Score a haus made pretzel with butter for only $5. It would be rude not to get two!

10. You can’t go past Nonna’s Deli’s $10 salmon bagel, made up of fresh smoked salmon, dill cream cheese and avocado on a poppy seed bagel. What are you waiting for?!

Take me to The Great Aussie Sweet Company and Paper Fish and Viet De Lites and Zeus and Wizard’s Den and Mister Paganini and Nitrogenie and Nando’s and and Nonna’s Deli

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