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10 Must-Try Desserts in South Bank

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that there’s ALWAYS room for dessert. So, when you’re looking to really treat yourself on your next Brisbane outing, we having you covered with our top 10 dessert picks at South Bank.

1. We never met a Happy Pops creation we didn’t like, especially a DIY Pop! Think: your choice of pop, drizzled in chocolate and delectable toppings.

2. Waffles with Nutella, fresh strawberry, vanilla ice cream and maple syrup? Now we’re talking! You’ll want to save room for Denim Co.’s Waffle Stack.

3. This one is for the banoffee lovers! The Charming Squire have delivered the ultimate deconstructed banoffee pie, featuring banana, coeur a la creme, honeycomb and caramel. Go on, treat yourself.

4. Brooklyn Depot is serving up the sweetest crispy tacos, made with vanilla bean ice cream, Oreos, strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and icing sugar. Yep, this isn’t too good to be true!

5. Once you’ve polished off your tasty Ahmet’s feast, you best start contemplating your dessert. Whether their Nutella Baklava, Turkish Delight or Rice Milk Pudding is your pick, you’re guaranteed to love them all.

6. If you’re looking for a dessert that’s 100% Insta-worthy, Tai Tai’s Thai Milk Tea Parfait is for you! And trust us when we say it’s just as delicious as it looks.

7. Aquitaine knows there’s nothing quite like a refined classic, and their Crème Brûlée is no exception. Served with apple compote, rhubarb and almond biscotti, this is one drool-worthy dessert.

8. Chocolate lovers make a beeline for South Beach Social! Their Chocolate Mousse is the stuff of legends, made with chocolate praline mousse, caramel creme and hazelnut sponge… we’re sold!

9. How could we get so far without mentioning Mister Paganini’s Tiramisu? Lined with mascarpone, whipped cream and Marsala, its an absolute crowd-pleaser.

10. Chocolate brownies anyone? Yes please! Head to The Jetty for their famous Chocolate Brownies featuring chocolate ice cream and roasted white chocolate.

Take me to Happy Pops and Denim Co. and The Charming Squire and Brooklyn Depot and Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant and Tai Tai and Aquitaine Brasserie and South Beach Social and Mister Paganini and The Jetty

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