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10 Eats Under $10

When you’ve got a hankering for something filling, a tenner often feels like it doesn’t go a long way. Oh how wrong you were, because we’ve got you covered with our pick of 10 eats under $10.

1. Who said your last $10 can’t get you a delicious cut of fish? Do your taste buds a favour and treat yourself to the fish and chips combo for $10 from Fins and Feathers. Yes please!

2. Head to Viet De Lites and grab 4 beef rice paper rolls for $9.90. These beauties are filled with lemongrass-marinated beef, lettuce, rice vermicelli, carrot and mint. Sold!

3. Zucchini Crisps from Zeus… need we say more? These bad boys are only $10, and are a certain crowd pleaser!

4. Imagine this: a freshly baked baguette roll with your choice of meat (or tofu) and Vietnamese fare. Now quit imagining, and get your hands on Banh Mee Time’s Banh Mi for $7.50.

5. The love of cheeky Nando’s is universal, especially when you can score their haloumi sticks and dip for just $7.95.

6. You can’t go past Nonna’s Deli’s $10 salmon bagel, made up of fresh smoked salmon, dill cream cheese and avocado on a poppy seed bagel. What are you waiting for?!

7. We like juicy wedges, and we cannot lie! Enjoy wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce for $9 from Steam Café.

8. Who said a doughnut doesn’t suffice as lunch? Not us! Get your hands on a delectable doughnut from Main Street Market for under a tenner.

9. Feast on a hot dog and chips from Café Lagoonas for just $8.90. Now we’re talking!

10. Munich Brauhaus has answered your lunch prayers with their $10 lunch special! Enjoy five delicious lunch options (including a fried chicken burger, yum!) for only a tenner.

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Take me to Fins and Feathers and Viet De Lites and Zeus and Banh Mee Time and Nando’s and Nonna’s Deli and Steam Cafe and Main Street Market and Cafe Lagoonas and Magical Rice

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