10 Cafes That Won’t Break the Bank

Alright, so the New Year is officially in full swing, and our wallets still seem to be struggling…  Never fear, we’ve got you (and ourselves) covered with the ten best cafes to refuel at, minus the mortgage-down-the-drain price tag.

1. Coco Bliss
Looking for a place to fulfill those breakfast cravings, minus the wallet AND health guilt? Look no further than Coco Bliss! Get your hands on a fresh acai bowl packed with mouth-watering raw ingredients, paired with a hand-poured brew featuring almost any milk alternative you can imagine. Yep, this has been added to the calendar.

2. Lost Bean
We never met a Lost Bean breakfast we didn’t like, so it’s only natural we share South Bank’s best kept breakfast secret with you. Whether a chia pudding packed with fresh yoghurt and fruit is your vibe, or you’re an avo on toast aficionado, they’ve got something for you (and your wallet). Combined with a brew from one of their world-class baristas, you’re guaranteed to keep the entire crew satisfied.

3. Nonna’s Deli
A delicious extension of Mister Paganini, Nonna’s deliver gourmet eat-in and takeaway breakfast options that are fit for any budget… Did someone say croissant and coffee?! The best part? The food is so authentic, you’ll get those true Italian grandmother cooking vibes.

4. Main Street Market
Looking for something a little sweeter? Yep, that’s what we thought! Main Street Market brings the most epic flavours of doughnuts, shakes and designer sodas to South Bank. Whether a Vanilla Slice Cronut or Red Velvet Doughnut is your jam, you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll like. Plus, they do 2-for-1 donuts every weekday from 3pm. Score.

5. Dot. Espresso
Open from 6am every morning, Dot. Espresso gives the gift of grab-and-go breakfast happiness in the form of coffee, freshly squeezed juices, and tasty takeaway bites (did someone say protein balls and banana bread for less than $10?!) If you’re looking to take in South Bank’s beautiful surrounds, you can also take up a seat amongst their cute AstroTurfed seating area and sip on your brew.

6. Espresso Garage
This hole-in-the-wall coffee haunt is a caffeine-addict’s haven. Espresso Garage is perfect for those needing a quick, delicious coffee fix and inexpensive grab-and-go bite. For those with a little more time up their sleeve, enjoy your coffee and with a scrumptious breakfast while soaking up the South Bank sun.

7. Denim Co.
Want a breakfast that’s totally ‘gram worthy, and actually delicious too? Denim Co. is the answer to all your content prayers. If you’re a bacon and eggs, avo on toast, waffle, acai or basically anything you can think of kind of guy or gal, you’re covered. That basically covers all our breakfast cravings and budgets, am I right? Anyway, quit reading and add this to your to-do list.

8. Steam Cafe
A highlight in the South Bank Parklands, Steam Café offers reasonably priced (thank us later, wallet!) and delicious modern-Australian brekkies in an epic, sun-drenched location. With so many options to choose from (think: bacon and eggs and pancake stacks), you’ll need a return visit to satisfy your food envy.

9. Shysh
Shysh is the newest member to South Bank’s Grey Street, combining Lebanese fare with your brunch favourites. Whether you’re looking to grab n’ go a delicious assortment of baked goods and coffee, or dine-in for delicious concoctions like delectable chicken skewers, mouth-watering wraps and Insta-worthy pancakes, you’re guaranteed to love this.

10. Café Lagoonas
Conveniently located and handing out fuss-free fare, Café Lagoonas is a must-eat place in the Parklands. Chow down on scrumptious breakfast options including the famous Big Breakfast or pancakes, or enjoy a lunch menu littered with deluxe options like made-to-order sandwiches, jumbo-sized burgers, and a generous accompaniment of fries – all at a fair price!

Want to check out more cafes? We’ve got you covered, click here.

Take me to Coco Bliss and Lost Bean and Nonna’s Deli and Main Street Market and Tiny Bar and Espresso Garage and Denim Co. and and Shysh and Cafe Lagoonas

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